Saturday, December 28, 2013

Developed 3 rolls of 35mm film and a roll of slide film. One roll is from years ago. It was somehow tucked away from 2011. We still lived in our old studio, two bodies with three animals and no doors to separate us. We recently celebrated three years together and signed our third lease at this home. We now have multiple doors and rooms. We have closet space and our own side yard. We have a separate kitchen and new pets. We have space, but we somehow always end up crammed on the small couch next to each other.

Some stills below from years ago, but mostly from the past few months including Tucson trips, festivals, Thanksgiving, hikes, Prescott, an old friend visiting from England with her two beautiful babes, a California trip to see my best friend, last days of Summer, surrealist night, Jerome, swimming and sunsets.

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