Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oh I'm not sure.

A few weeks ago I started to regret not keeping a physical journal. This wave of regret washed over me as I watched Mortified Nation. But then, I remembered I still had old livejournals (and a deadjournal) from ages 14-21. I spent a few days last week re-reading all my entries. My favorite stupid quote was from 2003 and I was upset about something so this was my thought process: "I think I'll go to Addison's kegger tonight and get fucked up. I haven't puked in a while."

I keep forgetting to update this because I am confused about which form of media I'm actually interested in. There are so many that I keep trying to keep up, but I also realize I'm doing it for no one (but myself? strangers?)

Although everything is in constant flux, I keep trying to force myself to be content with whatever/whenever/always. I think I am! But sometimes I cry over dirty dishes or I'll forget that caffeine makes my heart race and then I start to rethink all my choices. Like 85% of my accumulated closet being uncomfortable. Or realizing all my blouses are too small. Or that I've held on to things that I need to get rid of for much too long.

I went to Mexico with my family and got stung by a sting ray in the first half hour of being in the ocean. Shuffle, don't run in the ocean in Mexico. Also, put your foot in near-boiling water for hours to neutralize that agonizing pain.

I started reading Lolita by Nabakov and I really hate it. I don't understand why this was a classic. This would be a perfect book for a book club because people can explain to me why the fuck this is so great?

I think we are really moving to the Bay and I'm excited/scared/unprepared/overprepared. I need to sell all my things.

I have too many things. At least my wrists and ankles are still thin.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Developed 3 rolls of 35mm film and a roll of slide film. One roll is from years ago. It was somehow tucked away from 2011. We still lived in our old studio, two bodies with three animals and no doors to separate us. We recently celebrated three years together and signed our third lease at this home. We now have multiple doors and rooms. We have closet space and our own side yard. We have a separate kitchen and new pets. We have space, but we somehow always end up crammed on the small couch next to each other.

Some stills below from years ago, but mostly from the past few months including Tucson trips, festivals, Thanksgiving, hikes, Prescott, an old friend visiting from England with her two beautiful babes, a California trip to see my best friend, last days of Summer, surrealist night, Jerome, swimming and sunsets.